1. Orientation week is the best time to signup for clubs and societies

You’ll probably never go to their events, but that QUT Gluttony Society membership was so worth it.


2. Student centres are always full during O-Week

If you can, go before O-Week to get your student ID card. It’s gonna be a long wait.


3. The Connectors and Digital Leaders are out there in full swing


The people in the shirts, pretty easy to spot. They’re here to help. Say hello, or take a selfie with us.


4. Everyone is bound to get lost at least once

Gardens Point is a modern maze of walkways, and Kelvin Grove has things every which way. Get yourself a campus map from the info tent. ????️


5. The music at the welcome party is always on-pointé

This year (2017.1), it’s Bullhorn and they’re pretty good.


6. There’s freebies that you’re almost certainly going to rely on all semester

You’ll almost certainly spot a second year there to stock up their stationery.


7. You’re going to meet a lot of people

Ice breakers. A lot of ice breakers.


8. You’re probably going to get information overload at first

Wait what. Which student centre do I go to? What do you mean study abroad? ALL THE WORDS!


9. You’ll share far too many pictures

(Which you should totally hashtag with #QUTLife to see them on The Cube)


10. …and of course, we’re all glad it’s over.

We all love O-Week, but there’s nothing nicer than getting started with the year.


What do you look forward the most in Orientation Week?