QUT Peer Career AmbassadorPromotional Video

The short & sweet

Friend asked me to film a few things for him. Turned out surprisingly well. 80mm is my favourite focal length.


Gear List

  • Sony A6300 APS-C Mirrorless 4K Body
  • ZOOM H1 Audio Recorder
  • RØDE VideoMicro Cardioid On-Camera Microphone
  • Helios 44M-4 58mm f/2
  • Diffusor and Light Stand


Shooting Schedules

This was nice, no extra paperwork for me. Usually DOP on set, my life is constantly full of paperwork and my friend, Brad prepared it all for me. All I had to do was bring the camera, and get the focus right. I was pretty sure I could handle that.

In retrospect, I should have warned him that midday sun is not the best. The first two students were filmed just out front of Old Government House, located on grounds at QUT. I was shooting at an unusual shutter speed trying to compensate for the extremely bright day (aperture and ISO already at minimum). As such, the motion blur wasn’t quite what I wanted. Recommending we move to another location for student #3, Ian nailed his story with it coming across as candid and genuine. I think this came across because we were directing his story a lot less than others.

The other videos were shot at relevant locations around campus. For example, Charles is heavily involved in robotics and avionics so his video was shot in the robotics lab overlooking the Brisbane river. Charles video was a struggle, and was what invited me to buy myself an LED panel. We were relying heavily on natural light coming through the window, and bouncing off a reflector to provide fill light. While this worked, the changing lighting conditions outside, along with some really unusual catch lights (let’s say, artsy) really made the edit a challenge.

SLOG is a gift from above

I love shooting in LOG, there’s no denying it. In this shoot though, it was a blessing. Having ample time to tweak the colour grade, SLOG(-2) gave me the flexibility to really push the colour grade to the next level.

I loaded up the original footage into DaVinci Resolve, my colour grading tool of choice and used some LUTs from the amazing Mathieu Stern to get me started. Tweaking the lighting to match a less-University room, more studio setup seemed to get Brad on my side and we were set.



This is the project that sent me out to buy a proper lavalier microphone. I had been getting around this by gaff taping my RØDE VideoMicro to a light stand and holding it just out of shot to get a reasonable capture area – a poor man’s boom pole let’s just say.