I enjoy making, breaking, and tinkering.

Right now I’m in my final year of a Bachelor of Business (Advertising) and Bachelor of Creative Industries (Entertainment Industries) at Queensland University of Technology. I also work three days a week at DSR Branding, a branding studio based in Spring Hill. Freelancing in between my classes; I’m on the look out for graduate work in branding, or entertainment within Australia.

I’m inspired when business, creativity, and technology come together. I’m a creative type (long-hair durr), but enjoy getting my hands dirty with code. Within the entertainment sphere, theatre and music are my two interest areas.

Despite my Advertising focus, my interests lay more in client-side than working in an agency. Some of my favourite brands include Virgin, IKEA, Disney, and IBM. I prefer the ‘Everyman’, ‘Magician’, and ‘Outlaw’ archetypes. If you fit into one of those archetypes, HMU.

Long term, I am interested in expatriating to another country. Currently I’m considering, Rotterdam, Dubai, or New Delhi. All places I’ve visited, and I hope to travel some more and find the place that fits me. I am not looking to be another ‘Australian in London.’

Here’s a summary of what I’m up to now:

  • Trying to master the MERN programming stack
  • Playing with NGINX. See my cookbook on GitHub. 
  • On the lookout for graduate employment at a Technology, Travel Services, or Airline business
  • Reducing my reliance on freelance engagements
  • Planning another trip overseas
  • Taking Bollywood dance classes every so often after a trip to India. I’m not good.


I’m always looking to talk to interesting people. If you want to have a chat, I take my coffees as a latte (or a pour over if that’s available), and enjoy my dark beers (bitters, or stout). If you’re in Brisbane, let me know otherwise when I’m next in your city let’s chat. 🙂