When you engage me to provide work in a freelance, or independent contractor capacity, you will need to accept the following terms below:

This is in no means an exhaustive list, however like all good relationships and especially those within the Creative world; it’s about setting both expectations and ensuring that the client-supplier relationship is strong in forms of both communication, and values. Whilst this section is not legally binding by itself, it’s a working list that adapts as I discover more about the wonderful world of freelancing; many of these points are formed from past experiences I’ve had with businesses.


  • I work very unusual hours as I am also a student. At times, I’ve had clients worried that I’ve sent through emails at 4am in the morning with completed work. In saying that, I am generally available for contact between 9am and 5pm with the exception of mission critical downtime in which I can generally make exceptions to my schedule. ‘Naps and apps’ as the saying goes.
  • Like many other people, I also have my down-time and social engagements. Most weekends, or Friday/Saturday nights are generally not the best time to contact me as I may not be near my phone, or my computer.
  • The best way to contact me is (in order) Slack, SMS, email, or mobile telephone. Please do not add me to your organisation’s task management software unless it’s a long-term arrangement.
  • I do not mail or facsimile invoices. International clients may request a couriered invoice if you require the service. I charge additional for this service.



  • As a small business owner, I am required to comply with the Privacy Act 1998 (Cth). The primary email you have used to initiate communication with me, including your phone number, business name, and business category are stored in a campaign database for my own personal reference.
  • I do frequently utilise the services of various freelancers, and colleagues within my professional networks for work such as advanced development, cinematography, photography, or system deployment. If I do require the use of a third party, I will brief you about the choice of freelancer, but will also provide the option to opt-out and choose your own. In my experience however, working with my own networks leads to more efficient communication, and quality outcomes.
  • Any advice, or documentation that I provide to you remains commercial-in-confidence between both you, and me unless I have provided permission. My blog posts are licensed under a Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 International license, and I do appreciate a backlink, or an email just to let me know you’ve used my work.

Intellectual Property

  • All ownership of the various creative, and technical assets remains my intellectual property until full payment has been made.
  • I highly recommend complying with the licenses attached to images you wish to use on your website, or any promotions. The website Pexels provides a large collection of Creative Commons, or open-licenses, and is recommended if stock imagery cannot be sourced elsewhere. I also have connections with various photographs around Brisbane who operate competitive rates.
  • I highly recommend obtaining, and providing me SVG or ‘vector’ formats of your brand collateral. If you haven’t already developing a ‘visual identity’ for your brand yet, I will likely recommend creating a guide for this. JPG or PNG logos are not acceptable in most scenarios as they do not scale or provide accurate colours.


  • I reserve the right to publish non-business-in-confidence work such as promotions, campaign performance figures (generally in percentage form to avoid providing this information to competitors), and design work.
  • Blog copy will be tagged with a rel-canonical tag to ensure I do not create a duplicated content issue. All links to your site will be no-followed. I do not follow links on my personal domain unless they are personal endorsements.

Estimating Costs

  • Unless we have arranged otherwise (say an hourly rate), I will provide a written quote on my letterhead with estimated prices for your project. These have an expiry for 15 days, which is standard for my industry
  • If the scope of the project has changed, these prices are not legally enforceable as a new contract has been formed. If there have been any changes, I will notify you of this, and will provide a new quote for the new project (or gap of current project).
  • Whereby a payment plan has been opted for, I do conduct checks on credit history through VEDA’s Credit report system. A delay of up to 10 days may be in place, and work will not conduct until this has been approved, or the 30% deposit is received.
  • My payment terms are generally within 15 days, unless otherwise organised
  • Legal advice is sort should a client fail to clear an account owing within 60 days of the date indicated on my invoice. Additional late fees apply to payments made outside the payment terms

Responsible Disclosure

  • If I have disclosed a major security concern to you, and the error has not been acted upon within 14 days, I will start to develop a response to be distributed to the public. I will email both the email address I have on record to you, and the webmaster’s address listed on the WHOIS registry. I will not store, collate, or distribute user data, and will redact information wherever possible. Whilst I appreciate remuneration for this work, I do not expect it. This is my contribution back to the internet to ensure it stays safe and secure.


  • Should non-sufficient notice be made to provide awareness of a cancellation or delay of a project, the full quoted price of the project applies. In the case of the later, an interim payment may be required to cover out-of-pocket expenses incurred throughout development. Website hosting costs will continue to be billed to the client beyond our engagement.
  • If projects are cancelled within 48 hours of scheduled commencement, 50% of the quoted figure still applies. An invoice will be sent to the address you have nominated.

Per Diems

Latest per diems are available at: www.apaca.com.au/?wpmember-download=583

When living out of home, I request that my living expenses be reimbursed. If not provided by the client, they will be invoiced to you on completion of the project. The rates as at 17th April 2018 are:

  • Meals: $55 per day up to a maximum of $274 per week
  • Incidentals: $16 per day up to a maximum of $75 per week
  • Accommodation: $110 per day up to a maximum of $549 per week
I do not recommend coaches for filming equipment.

Consequence of Work

  • I cannot guarantee the work that I provide to you to be always error-free. Whilst I do regularly review the advertising policies of the training, health, and commercial worlds it is the client’s responsibility to ensure they meet the standards of your industry, and are error free.
  • I cannot be held responsible for damages made to a brand, website, online profile, or social account by someone other than me