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I’ve seen 20 musicals.

  • A Chorus Line (Brisbane, Australia [QPAC Playhouse])
  • Alladin (Brisbane, Australia [QPAC Lyric Theatre])
  • Animal Farm (Toowoomba, Australia [Empire Theatre])
  • Book of Mormon (Melbourne, Australia [Princess Theatre])
  • Cats (Brisbane, Australia [QPAC Lyric Theatre])
  • Grease (Brisbane, Australia [QPAC Lyric Theatre])
  • Hairspray (Brisbane, Australia [QPAC Playhouse], Toowoomba, Australia [Empire Theatre])
  • Jesus Christ Superstar (Toowoomba, Australia [Empire Theatre])
  • Kiss Me Kate (Brisbane, Australia [QPAC Concert Hall])
  • Les Miserablés (Ipswich, Australia [Ispwich Civic Centre])
  • Mamma Mia (Brisbane, Australia [QPAC Lyric Theatre])
  • Mary Poppins (Brisbane, Australia [QPAC Lyric Theatre])
  • Moulin Rouge (Paris, France [Moulin Rouge])
  • Mughal-e-Azam (New Delhi, India [Jawaharal Nehru Stadium])
  • Phantom of the Opera (Toowoomba, Australia [Empire Theatre])
  • Singing in the Rain (Brisbane, Australia [QPAC Lyric Theatre])
  • Strictly Ballroom (Brisbane, Australia [QPAC Lyric Theatre])
  • South Pacific (Toowoomba, Australia [Empire Theatre])
  • The Lion King (Brisbane, Australia [QPAC Lyric Theatre])
  • War Horse (Brisbane, Australia [QPAC Concert Hall])

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I’ve visited 14 countries for more than 24hrs.

  • Belgium (2017)
  • Bhutan (2013)
  • France (2017)
  • Germany (2017)
  • Greece (2017)
  • India (2018)
  • Italy (2017)
  • Monaco (2017)
  • Nepal (2013)
  • The Netherlands (2017)
  • Switzerland (2017)
  • Thailand (2013)
  • United Arab Emirates (2017, 2018)
  • Vatican City (2017)

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Wes Anderson is my favourite Director.

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I understand the Eurovision Song Contest scoring system.

Hitchhiker's Guide Thumb

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is my favourite book.

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Jazz is my favourite genre of music.


I don’t regard myself as bilingual, but I can speak Esperanto