What exactly do you do Cameron?

Stunning, amazing, talented, brilliant. These are all things someone would write if they were to write in third person about themselves.

Cameron started his career in technology in 2012, whilst still studying in high school, he developed basic HTML websites as a freelancer. Whilst the quality of said code has substantially improved over time, as well as the stack (now favouring LEMP/MERP) the same passion that comes from bodging has retained to this day.

In his final year at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, Australia he is due to graduate with a Bachelors of Business (Advertising) and a Bachelors of Creative Industries (Entertainment Industries) with Distinction. Throughout his time at University, Cameron has visited the United Arab Emirates, and France to network, and gain an understanding in the theme park, and music industries. He has recently returned from a New Colombo Plan funded trip to India where he met with businesses, and startups in Maharashtra, Delhi, and Rajasthan. He will be returning to India in November, where he will be involved in a music production project in Tamil Nadu.

In true efforts of cross-disciplinary belief, Cameron primarily works in creative services providing photographic, and cinemagraphic services. Cameron has worked as a Director of Photography for the charity LYADA, as well as working alongside journalists at the Gold Coast University Games 2017. Cameron has also worked on various live edits, with TEDxUQ utilising Cameron as their production coordinator three years in a row.

Currently employed by a Brisbane branding agency, he specialises in developing corporate websites, and eCommerce websites with the popular CMS WordPress.